Cyber learning and research in one place

This is the one place to learn all about cyber intelligence, investigations and security, whether you are starting out or at an advanced level we offer you a platform packed with transformations. The Cyber Institute’s instructors all have the most current experience in their respective professional fields, supported by solid research to provide you with the skills to optimise your performance and results.

The Right Learning Plan​

We have moved on from traditional universities and learning institutions to accommodate the fast paced and dynamic environment of the cyber world. To truly offer you a modern learning experience at affordable fees. Cyber is the thing, it will not phase out overtime, it is growing at a rapid pace and we all need to grow with it. At the same time cyber criminals are also not sitting and waiting for the next opportunity, they are creating opportunities! Exploiting weaknesses in humans and systems to gain maximum benefit at lightning speeds. It is up to us, to prevent them from acting out their aspirations and when they do, to bring them to justice with digital DNA evidence that will stand the scrutiny of time.

When you join a course you become part of the Institute

As much as you make an investment in your future education with us, through our teaching and research we continue to learn, this is a non-stop evolution and you are involved with a real purpose.

While we are in the realms of cyber, we are ultimately people, at times it will be tough, but the journey will empower you to achieve tremendous results, become innovators, make positive changes to your lives and organisations.

The learning experience and your future contribution to the process, does not bring about a transfer of information from instructor to student, it brings about transformation with real results through true learning experiences.